Verification Preparation

Achieving the desired B-BBEE rating requires in-depth preparation and understanding of the verification process.

With BEESA Group's Verification Preparation product, our skilled consulting analysts guide you through a series of mock-audits and corrective advice, ensuring that your B-BBEE audit proceeds smoothly with predictable results, thereby maximizing your score.


A 2-3 hour presentation educating your team on the B-BBEE Audit process, the use of BEESA Group’s Data Templates and Evidence Checklists along with the designation of roles and responsibilities. Review sessions lead you through multiple mock B-BBEE scenarios to remove discrepancies and correct errors in data and evidence correlation and mitigate risks. A final in-depth B-BBEE Verification Report is provided to compare your probable score with best and worst case scenarios. This along with data and evidence issues and associated risk reporting allows for control and management of the upcoming B-BBEE Verification process. In your Portfolio of Evidence each document is reviewed and corrected where necessary. The Portfolio is duplicated to prvent unexpected data loss.

BEESA's Group's Verification Preparation product is designed to provide you with an accurate and detailed assessment of your B-BBEE score prior to an Audit, ensuring that all of your evidence is correctly collected and presented to maximize your B-BBEE rating.

Outsourced BEE Specialist Team
Your BEE experts will include a:
  • Service Delivery Manager
  • Consulting Analyst
  • Senior Technical Review Manager
  • Client Service Administrator
Greatly reduced cost for access to a highly skilled, professional team who specialise in B-BBEE Audits.
Kick-off Session
A detailed briefing to explain:
  • Data required
  • Documents required and importance of evidence
  • Corrective measures for documentation not containing the correct evidence
  • The impact of lack of preparation
A structured approach to the preparation of a B-BBEE Audit, giving you a clear understanding of each stage of the process.
Data & Evidence Checklist
Our verification Preparation Toll Kit consists of:
  • Electronic Data Sheets split into 7 Scorecard sections
  • A BEE Evidence List explaining what evidence is needed and why
  • A highly organised Evidence File for collecting all your evidence
Specialized guidance in evidence collection, ensuring the Verification Agency has everything it requires to award you the highest level.
Verification Preparation Reviews
A series of mock audits to:
  • Discover the Strength of the evidence collected against the data provided
  • Maximize points available to your company
  • Provide a risk analysis of each B-BBEE element under review
A safe environment in which to learn the auditing process, correct errors and eliminate risks that may negatively impact your rating
BEE Score & Verification Report
A comprehensive Verification Report detailing:
  • An overall view of your company's B-BBEE Scoring
  • Detailed analysis of each B-BBEE Element
  • A full Risk Probability Report
Complete control over the Audit process by knowing your projected B-BBEE score prior to the Audit, as well as being able to position your team to implement future improvements.
B-BBEE Portfolio of Evidence File
  • A correctly structured and verified B-BBEE Portfolio of Evidence file, provided in duplicate
Decreased B-BBEE audit time and cost due to better organization, with a safeguard against possible data loss by the Verification Agency.

Product position

BEESA Group’s approach to B-BBEE is one of sustainability. While scoring points is not the only facet of the B-BBEE program, it is a critical measure of whether you are doing it right. Take control of your B-BBEE through BEESA Group’s Score Management Services allowing an easier, more structured implementation process that improves stability and expansion in conjunction with B-BBEE compliance.

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