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Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme Management

We design, build and implement Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) solutions.

Strategic Enterprise and Supplier Development is the alignment of business development processes with your business strategic business goals.

The role of strategic Enterprise and Supplier Development is to

develop ideal suppliers for your priority services and products.

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Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme Management

Are you looking to improve the impact and quality of Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) initiatives? This is something that every business, no matter their size, should consider, as it provides countless benefits. Being strategic about your ESD programmes will negate the risk of ESD programme failures and meaningless impact.


What is Enterprise and Supplier Development?

ESD forms part of the company’s contributions toward their overall B-BBEE targets and scores, which can be improved after implementing ESD Initiatives for qualifying beneficiaries.

The aim behind ESD Programme Management is to provide businesses with a comprehensive ESD supply chain solution and integration that is inclusive by encouraging more collaborations. ESD Programme Management has been put in place primarily due to how often small to medium size businesses tend to fail, sometimes to no fault of their own, while employing as much as 80% of South Africans. By nature of this fact, a large majority of our country’s population is placed at huge risk of financial ruin if we not taking care of the small to medium size businesses of this country.

To avoid this, the BEE Chamber offers a comprehensive ESD Programme Management service, focusing on long term success between large enterprises and small to medium size businesses which as a result stimulates a growing economy. Ultimately, this service aims to help Black Owned businesses gain financial and operational independence, which can lead to business sustainability.

How can we help you?

By partnering with the BEE Chamber, clients are able to earn a competitive advantage via their ESD initiatives. This is due to such initiatives providing an opportunity to improve working relationships, enhance product and service quality with their suppliers.

The process of ESD Programme Management

The process behind ESD Programme Management can be quite thorough, including the following steps:

  • Scope:

    • As the first step in the process, we want to understand the business of our clients and potential beneficiaries, as well as how to support the objectives of our client’s business. We also discuss any potential risks and opportunities.

  • Identification of Suitable Beneficiaries:

    • For this segment, we give our clients one of two options depending on the operations of their business. Firstly, the client can either look out for potential beneficiaries based on the qualifying criteria or secondly, the client can request the BEE Chamber to source beneficiaries based on the client’s supplied criteria. We do assess if the beneficiary fits in with the criteria and examine any potential risks.

  • Conducting Needs Analysis of Aforementioned Beneficiaries:

    • As the crux of the ESD programme, we look into the following:

      • Statutory Compliance

      • Business Management

      • Operational Management

      • Financial Management

      • Human Resources

      • Marketing​

  • Creating a Development Strategy:

    • With all the needs being analysed, a plan is developed to assist the beneficiary to grow at the desired pace, based entirely on their objectives. This plan is presented to the client for approval, along with relevant costs. Thereafter, an ESD plan is finalised while drafting the agreement in line with the approved budget.

  • Select and Implement Service Providers:

    • The BEE Chamber will source suppliers that are able to deliver on the identified needs of the beneficiary, in accordance with the developmental plans.

  • Monitor and Report on Initiatives:

    • After implementation start, regular overviews are conducted to analyse the progress and assess if the expected results have been achieved, before making any necessary corrective actions. Both the client and beneficiary will also receive a business impact analysis.

If you cannot wait to receive the best ESD services in the industry, while simultaneously improving your B-BBEE score and benefitting your employees in the process too, then feel free to contact the BEE Chamber through: