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Easy-Entry B-BBEE Calculator


The Easy-Entry B-BBEE Calculator is the best tool if

you want to quickly calculate your companies B-BBEE score. 


FREE B-BBEE Calculator

Did You Know? Now you can calculate your own B-BBEE Score. 

Download our Free BEE Calculator and use immediatelly.

Have you ever wondered what BEE rating your business would receive? 

Calculating your BEE score can be this easy with your easy entry calculator. 


The BEE Chamber FREE B-BBEE Calculator is an easy-to-use excel based tool to establish

the most effective areas for you to spend your time and money on improving your B-BBEE score.


The calculator is FREE and it works out your points and levels as you enter the information.

Why not try it out for your business today ? 

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What you can expect: 

  • Easy entry calculator

  • Immediate Score 

  • Excel based 

  • No hidden cost 

Who we designed this calculator for:

  • Companies with a turnover > R 50 million. 

  • Companies that need to comply with The Generic Codes of Good Practice.

  • NOTE: Does not accommodate specific industry sector codes. 

Access tools that help you improve.

Check in on the status and progress of your B-BBEE performance in just a few clicks. 

Increase your visibility and control of the scores, and reduce the risk of score loss, and last minute high cost. 



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