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A first step to equality?

Fundamentally enable beneficiaries the development of critical skills for their careers!

The investment into employees will have an immediate, meaningful effect.

Make racial equity a core focus to your businesses, not just part of corporate

social responsibility programs.

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Learnership Programme Management

Has your company reached a point where no further improvements can be found, given your current staff and their capabilities? Regardless of how skilled your staff may already be, there is surely always more room for improvement. BEE Chamber aims to help you find and thus implement these improvements through means of our Learnership Management services.

What is Learnership Programme Management?

Learnership Programme Management involves the act of guiding our clients in the direction of successful Learnership Programme implementation. In order to do so, we make a concerted effort to completely understand your business’s needs, and then take what we have learned to source and assess training service providers that can provide you with the desired training for your company.

These earmarked training providers, when external learners are required, will conduct interviews and vetting processes in length in order to suggest the best suitable candidates for your business.

How can we help you?

Such a service can be endlessly beneficial to practically any industry. The service providers, also have ample knowledge regarding the B-BBEE codes and the B-BBEE verification process, which directly affects the quality of evidence and document packs you will receive from training providers.

This comes with countless benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Providing better employment opportunities.

  • Improving current and future employees’ performance at work, as their tasks are more in line with their skills and job description.

  • Receiving sector-relevant qualifications that are recognised on a national level.

Not only are your current and future employees benefitted through this service, but so will your company. As this service is seen as a means to improve the internal operations of your company using a ground-up approach. Further benefits in embarking into a registered Learnership programme will enable you to receive tax rebates, allowing you to save money in the process to such point that the full Learnership cost can be offset.

The process of the Learnership Management

The BEE Chamber assesses your targets and course preferences before sourcing and vetting a suitable service provider after which the BEE Chamber is arranging a meeting with your company alongside the training service provider. This will serve as an introduction to this potential relationship.

If you are interested in receiving high-quality, in-depth, and beneficial learnership courses that cover aspects of your business as well as meeting the B-BBEE needs simultaneously, feel free to make contact by: