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BEESmart Lite

R4 450.00
Instant access to your new BEE calculator. Start working today on your future success.
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Product Details

More Control - Most accurate way to calculate your B-BBEE Scorecards.
Peace of Mind - Do away
with manual calculation errors.

The BEESmart Lite scorecard calculator provides you with all the features that you need to effectively manage your B-BBEE scorecard, from easily updating and modifying your company’s information to calculating your scores and printing off reports.

Easy to use system which gives you results with no delay.


  • Immediate access to the software.
  • No set up needed
  • Instant Score calculation
  • High level data input
  • Comprehensive data input – same as verification agency spreadsheets
  • Graphs, summaries and analysis tables
  • Cloud based – easy upgrade to BEESmart
  • Automatic Code updates
  • Daily in person online training
  • E-mail support
  • Number of users (1)
  • Number of scorecards (2)

Please confirm BEFORE purchasing this product that you meet the following requirements:

The BEESmart Lite calculator is only suitable for companies that need to be rated:
- Under the Generic Scorecard (R 50 million + annual Turnover)
- Need to be measured under the the General Codes Scorecard (Code of Good Practice)
- or & General Specialised Codes Scorecard (Code of Good Practice)

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