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New way to help the youth

North Eastern Tribune / 6 November 2017 / Staff Reporter

JOHANNESBURG – The Rockefeller Foundation and Making Cents International held a workshop to show the uses to the new Demand-Driven Toolkit

The Rockefeller Foundation and Making Cents International hosted a comprehensive workshop at the Emoyeni Conference Centre to launch the Demand-Driven Training Toolkit on 19 October.

Contributor to the Demand-Driven Toolkit Branka Minic makes a presentation at the opening workshop.

The Demand-Driven Training Toolkit is a programme designed to help employers and training providers to address the current mismatch between youth skills and employer needs. PR spokesperson for the initiative Palesa Motanyane said, “The DDT Toolkit, developed with input from leading South African and global education and training institutions, private sector companies, offers a practical approach, with accompanying information, tools, and resources to better align workforce development to employer needs and helps education and training institutions become more effective.”

The project was initiated by the Rockefeller Foundation, who partnered with Making Cents International, an NGO with a primary goal of building socio-economic development through work with various institutions around the world. Their work includes youth development, financial inclusion and programme design among other things.

The Toolkit was released online as an easy-to-understand PDF document. The workshop was held with members from various local businesses and educational institutions who were introduced and led through the content by some of the writers and developers of the toolkit.

Managing director of the African regional office at the Rockefeller Foundation Mamadou Biteye said that the toolkit will bridge the gap between the skill the youth have acquired and what employers look for. He added, “It will be most useful to governments, technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutions, universities, youth training organisations focusing on skills development, as well as donor and development partners who support such programmes.”

Biteye added, “It is only through collective efforts where all of society collaborates together that we will turn the tide on youth unemployment, I look forward to seeing a wide and deep adoption of the toolkit.”


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