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Bitcoin bulls, BEE bears abuse Cyril Ramaphosa in fake news scam


EDINBURGH — Cyril Ramaphosa has moved quickly to deny his support for Bitcoin or rejection of black economic empowerment laws, lashing out at purveyors of fake news who have piggybacked on his rise to head the ruling ANC party. Ramaphosa, who has about 70,000 followers on Twitter, and has increasingly used the social media channel to communicate his views, has highlighted the problem of fake news.

Donald Trump put the term ‘fake news’ into the public domain with repeat accusations ahead of his election as US president that he has been the victim of fake news, though his critics argue he is also the instigator of fake news. While there are often political motives for the production of fake news, the reality is that this is a very big business.

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Fake news producers encourage people to read their articles in the hope that individuals will click on the advertising around their sensational content. Facilitating the scourge of fake news, meanwhile, are organisations like Facebook, Google and companies that sell links to this content in a digital media environment with few checks and balances. – Jackie Cameron

New ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa is the victim of fake news campaigns, he has revealed on Twitter.

In a Tweet to his 70k followers, @CyrilRamaphosa emphasised that he has never endorsed Bitcoin or rejected Black Economic Empowerment.

His revelations underscore that fake news campaigns have become a distinctive feature of South Africa’s political landscape.

Purveyors of fake news have a number of reasons for going to great lengths to produce content that looks like it might be produced by credible news outlets. These objectives range from profit – with clicks on advertising accompanying fake stories generating revenue for fake news websites – to political motives.

Bell Pottinger, a London-based public relations agency, collapsed last year after it was exposed for developing a fake news and social media campaign to create the enemy of ‘white monopoly capital‘ in order to build support for corrupt President Jacob Zuma and friends.

Bell Pottinger also targeted business player Johann Rupert, once its client, in a campaign designed to stir racial hatred, as well as editors who have been critical of Zuma. BizNews editor Alec Hogg was among the journalists targeted in the fake news campaign, which entailed creating fake Tweet threads – among other strategies.

Also attacked in the social media recently has been Lord Peter Hain, South Africa born British politician who fought against apartheid and more recently has been working to excise corruption from South Africa’s government by targeting global corporates complicit in state capture and money-laundering.


LINK : https://www.biznews.com/global-citizen/2018/01/25/bitcoin-bee-ramaphosa-fake-news/

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