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Tell us the truth about state capture


The publication of the terms of reference into the state capture inquiry has been welcomed by all South Africans.

The time has come for a thorough investigation of allegations of state capture by the Gupta family through their close association with the president and his family members.

Assembly of leaders including ANC stalwarts gathered in Pretoria to protest against so-called state capture. Image: Roxanne Henderson

South Africans want to know whether allegations that Zuma and/or any member of his cabinet delegated their duties to one particular family and allowed them to appoint and fire ministers at their whim are true.

When the allegations surfaced, everyone accused of playing a role in state capture vehemently denied any wrongdoing and defended their close association with the Gupta family. This has seen the family amass massive wealth in various deals at the expense of taxpayers.

During Zuma's tenure, the noble idea of black economic empowerment was turned into a sham. As a result only a few politically connected individuals benefited by promoting a brazen state of looting that disregarded laws and corporate governance guidelines with impunity.

When the former public protector released her report on state capture, warning of impropriety and undue benefits resulting from such associations, she was vilified by the many who had gained from the impropriety.

For far too long, those implicated in state capture gave the South African public the middle finger.

The explosive Gupta e-mails further unearthed more evidence, including how the family benefited from associates strategically placed within state-owned enterprises, who allegedly did their bidding and influenced tenders and contracts worth billions of rands to be channelled into their pockets.

With South Africa swept by a new age of renewal that has been promised by the ruling party, we are steadily beginning to see the wheels of justice turning.

A massive clean-up campaign seems to be under way to ensure that public officials implicated in corruption and state capture are finally called to account.

The ruling party knows that this is their toughest test yet to turn the tide on the rot that has set in.

South Africans deserve the justice denied us for far too long.


LINK : https://www.sowetanlive.co.za/opinion/letters/2018-01-29-tell-us-the-truth----about-state-capture/

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