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Local company finds ways to enrich community


LFP Training is proud to announce its certification as one of Impumelelo’s Top Empowered Companies in South Africa.

The head of transformation BEE and Empowerment for Impumelelo, Clinton Rhode handed the certificate to the Fontainebleau based company’s CEO Louis Pulzone.

CEO of LFP Training, Louis Pulzone receives a certificate from Clinton Rhode,

head of transformation BEE and empowerment.

Rhode said he hopes the company would continue being at the forefront of an innovative approach to business.

Pulzone said this was a great achievement for a young company and that their plans are to grow even further.

“If you are a company in South Africa and you want to make it, you have to be hungry for that success,” he said.

This award is regarded as one with immense clout as it shows that the company focuses on transformation in the country. The company, which currently has 60 employees, plans to expand to 200 employees by the end of the year.

The company is regarded as a leader in the provision of BEE aligned skills development training in the country.

“We have trained more than 3,400 learners with [more than] 300 clients paying R60 million in stipends directly to learners,” said Pulzone.

He attributed their success to four important aspects any company needs – passion leadership, integrity and focus.


LINK : https://randburgsun.co.za/338468/local-business-empowers-the-country/

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