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New B-BBEE level 1 group formed to accelerate the SA transformation shortcomings in manufacturing, m


Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings (RSPH) has partnered with Madala & Associates to create a B-BBEE level 1 partnership. In addition, Madala & Associates CEO, Dilley Naidoo, has been appointed business development director at RSPH.

RSPH is a distributor and implementer of specialised management software and business process consultancy services, while Madala & Associates is a majority black female-owned and B-BBEE level 1 company whose primary objective is one of investing, adding value and creating long-term sustainable businesses that contribute to overall skilled job creation, capacitation and business education in South Africa.

Back: Dilley Naidoo, Business Development Director, and Guy Imbert, COO/CFO

Front: Ian Huntly, CEO, and Vasi Naidoo (chairman).

Ian Huntly, CEO of RSPH, said he and fellow director, Guy Imbert, had begun preparations to become B-BBEE compliant in 2011. The two actively sought the correct partners to join and assist their organisation to be totally compliant with B-BBEE codes that finally came into effect in May 2015.

"Our company has committed decades of expertise, commitment and passion to revive and accelerate South Africa's manufacturing sector so as to create sustainable jobs, and considering Dilley and I have been collaborating in business since the 1980s, we believe our respective goals and shared company ethos will benefit the manufacturing industry as a whole," said Huntly.

Both Huntly and Naidoo have solid relationships with the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), a variety of industry clusters as well as the top state-owned companies (SOCs).

"The SOCs in particular seek to invest their enterprise development (ED) and supplier development (SD) funds on companies that have growth potential and who can deliver superior goods on time and within budget. Many manufacturing companies struggle with balancing all three and this is where the expertise of RSPH is of particular benefit," said Huntly.

Benefits to RSPH's customers are numerous and will include a lot more engagement from SOCs in terms of channelling enterprise and supplier development funds their way as a result of these SOCs now being in a position to use RSPH as a service provider. With this new level 1 B-BBEE status, RSPH will also be able to give SOCs the peace of mind they require by ensuring the suppliers they invest in are going to grow and improve as a direct result of the business interventions and appropriate software systems provided by RSPH.

Huntly said this is great news for manufacturers who have the desire to improve and expand their businesses, but have previously not had the funds to do so. "With our consulting services and niche software that they will now be able to implement, we believe their growth will happen much faster and the benefits will be so far-reaching in the supply chain that SOCs will repeat the behaviour, thereby growing the economy rapidly," concluded Huntly


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