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Gen2 Enterprise Software SA, part of Gen2 Group, expands software offering


Gen2, the authorised reseller for Computron Enterprise Financial Software in South Africa and Africa, announced the company has signed an updated partner/reseller agreement with Custodian Group SA to now represent its complete TrendLight application suite. TrendLight is a Web-based vendor management, accounting, procurement and cost management solution, equally suitable to small or large businesses.

Gen2 Enterprise Software is a provider of recognised solutions in enterprise financials, reporting, budgeting and analysis software with complete flexibility in delivery, including on-premises, hosted, and pure SaaS solutions.

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In recent years, a shift in the focus on spend control and the demands on procurement departments has made securing a proficient procurement management system top of the list of strategic priorities for organisations and their procurement departments.

TrendLight is a low-priced, function-rich accounting and cost management Web system suitable for small or large enterprises. It offers integrated vendor management, accounting, procurement and cost management functionality. Cost entities like departments, contracts, plant, buildings, etc, can be intelligently linked to selected accounts and cost codes for increased accuracy. Flexible approvals can be set up by the client at cost entity level, which allows for efficient cost control at transaction source as compared with the traditional cost review after the fact.

TrendLight's Procure-to-Pay (P2P) module is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use Web-based system that manages the procurement cycle from requisition to payment.

TrendLight P2P offers customers access to a fast and secure online solution that manages the key procurement functions while introducing multi-level approval and budgetary control over expenditures.

The system caters for line level cost approvals, not only for requisitions, but also for ad-hoc invoicing and cashbook entries (non-order transactions). Included in this P2P solution is an excellent set of reporting tools to analyse data for integrity, transparency and auditing requirements. This product can also be easily interfaced with other standalone accounting solutions.

The biggest value-add, however, is the integrated vendor management module that manages vendor master data and compliance documents. A Web portal (based on an optional setting per vendor), allows your vendors access to the system to maintain their own data and documents. Other informational data are also recorded, like contacts, delivery locations, products, SHEQ certification, activity tracking, banking information and B-BBEE compliance information.

Automated system checks track the completeness of compulsory data and uploaded documents to the system. Client definable approval roles approve the accuracy of the vendor data. Automated e-mail reminders to vendors and system users keep everyone informed on completeness, approvals and expiry data; thus ensuring a self-managed vendor ecosystem that remains current and relevant.

This module also provides spend-analysis, comprehensive B-BBEE reporting and scorecards. This service offering provides the tools necessary to diminish problems associated with ongoing supplier relationship management, involvement in demand management and often, dangerous lack of preparation, mitigation, and action around supply chain risks.


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