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Impophomo seamstresses determined to work hard for a better Zandspruit


ZANDSPRUIT – Six informal settlement women have proven that age is nothing but a number.

This is all thanks to Impophomo, a non-profit organisation focusing on the socio-economic development of various impoverished communities, these women feel they have a new lease on life.

Impophomo works under the umbrella of Umsizi Sustainable Social Solutions and they partnered with Krones Southern Africa to assist women from disadvantaged areas be beacons of hope within the community.

The women of Sizoma Si Sebenze are ready to succeed in their business.

The organisations helped Tebogo Matsie (58), Eunice Ndlovu (41), Zodwa Ngele (47), Vuyiswa Mbongonya, Francinah Mbekeni (63) and Minah Mokhahle (56) start Sizoma Si Sebenze (Pty) Ltd, which translates to,

We will stand up and work.

And work is what the women do to not only uplift themselves but to also prove to the community that, given a chance, hard work and a will to succeed are key to moving forward.

The women of Sizoma Si Sebenze started a sewing enterprise and the organisations assisted them in getting a container to work from as well as teaching them how to sew and run a sustainable business.

Minah Mokhahle

Impophomo manager Pamela Sidambe said, “We identify people who share the same vision for success and we equip them with skills that they will be able to use to succeed. From how to run a business to dividing responsibilities among each other depending on who excels in what area, this is to maximise their potential.”

The women have been making backpacks and chair bags for school children with great success. They even donated more than 600 of them to selected schools in Zandspruit.

The women also manufacture school uniforms, African traditional wear, embroidery-branded items, personal protective wear and can also do clothing alterations.

The women said they are immensely grateful to the organisations for their continued assistance and support.

Zodwa Ngele wants Sizoma Si Sebenze to succeed.

Matsie is happy working towards her goals and said she has learned a lot. She has also learned how to run a business and help those in the community.

Ngele had to earn money as domestic worker twice a week so she could feed her family. She believes those hardships she suffered to try and make a living has made her stronger.

Mbekeni wants to show the youth in the community that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. What brings her joy is that she is able to use her own hands to make a living and not rely on a government grant.

Her sentiments were echoed by Minah who said working hard and seeing their success was motivating. She added that although they had a goal of starting a business, they had no idea where to begin until Umsizi provided a platform for them to reach our goals and aspirations.

Tebogo Matsie.

Eunice Ndlovu is the youngest member in the team.

The youngest of the six women is Ndlovu who enjoys her status in the group because it shows that not all young people are afraid of hard work. She wants to show her peers that with a little effort, success is possible.


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