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Sosha Youth empowers community through a market


The Sosha-L Market was hosted last Saturday as a platform that unites and empowers the community of Soshanguve, Block L.

Five Soshanguve youths from Block L are empowering their fellow youths and promoting various talents through a local social market.

(from left to right) Katlego Magagula, Tshepo Mahlangu, Kamogelo Manda and Nhlanhla Mahlangu,

the founders of The Sosha-L Market

Nhlanhla Mahlangu and his co-founders of Sosha L Market hosted an event on Saturday to promote entrepreneurship and skills development.

Community residents showcased different skills in fashion and jewelry designing, deejaying and cooking.

“I did not realize just how much potential and talent Soshanguve had until people started coming through,” said another member Tshepo Mahlangu.

Nhlanhla told Record that a vacant land that was used as a dumping site and a hangout place for drug addicts was used to host the event.

“We took it upon ourselves to clean the land and we also held a community meeting where we pitched the market idea,” he said.

“Our first market was on the 29th of April 2017 and today it is our fifth market.”

Nhlanhla aslo said the market took place four times in a year due lack of resources and funding.

“Since we are all students, it is quite difficult to make it a monthly event.”

“We are very involved in the community and our main purpose is seeing them prosper and uplifting each other,” he said. The market also unlocked unseen potential from community members. “

Luprey Ratsopa an entrepreneur said the market was exactly what he needed to promote and sell black-owned alcohol, which he claims that it is a hangover cure.

“I’m here to sell Geen Babalazi, which is owned by a guy from Winterveldt.”

“The cost of living is too high. It is very important to have such platforms where we communicate with other entrepreneurs to teach each other new skills and to not only better ourselves but the community at large,” said Ratsopa.

Community resident, Katlego Sebelebele, from Block VV said: I heard about the market from a friend who is a chef and had booked a stall. I really like the concept. It opens room for creativity and also a chance to meet new people from Soshanguve.


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