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BEE to be replaced with AEE

IOL / 06 MARCH 2018 - 15.30 / CHRIS NDALISO

Durban - The Federation For Radical Economic Transformation (FFRET) is hoping to change Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) to African Economic Empowerment (AEE) to see more Africans, rather than Blacks, benefiting from government tenders.

During a media briefing held at Mashamplanz Lounge in Chesterville on Tuesday, the forum said this was one of the resolutions of the recent Radical Economic Transformation Conference held in Durban last week.

The Federation For Radical Economic Transformation (FFRET) wants to change the

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) to African Economic Empowerment (AEE)

to see more Africans, rather than blacks, benefiting from government tenders.


The conference, according to the forum, was to create a platform to inspire a dialogue that would turn businesses under FFERET into a catalyst to integrate ordinary and budding entrepreneurs into the mainstream economy across all sectors.

Among the issues addressed at the briefing was a video posted on social media depicting one of Delangokubona Business Forum leader, an affiliate of the forum, which was viewed as inciting violence.

Robert Ndlela, FFERET spokesperson said the Delangokubona leader was taken out of context.

In the video in question, which was shot during the conference, Bhamuza Mnyandu is heard pleading with some municipal officials to stop playing games and take Delangokubona seriously.

"We don't have time to play. We are not scared to get arrested. We didn't hand over all the guns, we still have some of the guns. Phillip Sithole (deputy city manager, economic development and planning), don't mess around with us. You've been promising us money and we want results. We want Ithala to give us money to buy warehouses cause those in Isipingo we don't know who they serve," Nyadu said in the video.

Ndlela said Mnyandu’s statement was taken out of context.

“Unfortunately the most important portion was left out. What he meant was that our lives are in danger. Some of our leaders are guarded by licensed guards with licensed firearms because threats have been made on their lives. In due course, we will have a list of all the officials at the municipality who are against RET. We will tell them that what they are doing is wrong to stand against this programme,” Ndlela said.

He said: “Moving forward it’s gonna be very hectic. We are aware of the importance of keeping investors happy because we will be ones who will be saying investors, come to Ethekwini. We will be radical but everything that we do will be within the confines of the law”.

He said in a week’s time there will be a clear plan of action which will then be handed over to the municipality before implementation.


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