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LFP Training reaches new heights with innovative, BEE-aligned training plans


Having recognised a critical gap for skills development to help address unemployment in SA’s ever-changing economic landscape, Louis Pulzone founded turnkey training provider LFP Training in 2013 and is now group CEO.

The company’s innovative programmes are aimed at educating and upskilling people who have disabilities, in line with the country’s black economic empowerment (BEE) codes of good conduct.

Ready to learn: investing in people and teaching them the right skills will help kick-start SA's economy again.


LFP Training combines years of experience with a passion for education and making a difference. It has trained more than 4,500 learners, and more than 300 clients have paid R60m in stipends directly to these learners. This resulted in a 100% pass rate in the company’s BEE verification audits.

Growing from a team of three set up in an apartment to a staff complement of almost 90 – and with a vision of employing 200 team members by the end of 2018 – the company has taken flight under its passionate, focused and skilled leadership.

Today, disabled people – both unemployed and employed – can improve their skills and contribute to society thanks to LFP’s strategic training programmes. What’s more, companies are reaching their training targets at a fraction of the cost, making this the most cost-effective way of implementing BEE initiatives for maximum points.

“I have learned so much about the educational industry and about education from a social stance,” says Pulzone. “With legalisation around BEE policies constantly in focus, we strive to meet our client’s objectives while empowering people and making a difference in their lives.”

In SA, struggling with high unemployment and social disparity, LFP Training lives for transformation and making a difference.

“We believe that life should be without limits,” says Pulzone. “I have seen societies fail to provide things for people from different places to [enable them to] compete, and have seen the tragedy thereof.”

LFP Training prides itself on being a leading and innovative provider of BEE-aligned skills development learnerships. “We are at the forefront as innovators because we work closely with our clients to determine their needs and find the solution. No one company is the same and no one learner is the same.”

Tough times call for new ideas

“It’s no secret that times are still tough in SA. Our economic inequality is one of the highest in the world and unemployment is still a massive concern,” says Pulzone.

“While this is nothing that we don’t know already, the good news is that it has forced us to become more resilient and find new strategies. At a time like this, we need to invest in our people and kick-start the economy again. We look to new strategies, growth and the upliftment of people to help shape the future.”

He adds: “My personal opinion: invest in the tough times and the good will follow.”

BEE in 2018

While LFP Training recognises just how dynamic the economic landscape is, and constantly refines its offerings, Pulzone and his team forecast growth and more stability in the BEE educational sector in 2018.

“Responsible companies have truly embraced the concept of BEE in terms of its policies and the difference it makes,” he says. “They also recognise their roles and the power they have in uplifting SA - both socially and economically.

“We are also finding increased participation from smaller businesses - particularly in terms of instating learnerships.”

Easily implement BEE policies at a fraction of the cost

The LFP Training Academy offers accredited training plans based on needs. These include:

  • Off-site theory and practical training in a simulated environment at LFP’s training facilities: Here, LFP handles all requirements from recruitment and admin to training and certification.

  • LFP Campus: The first online learnership platform of its kind to let clients gain substantial points towards skills development spend on the BEE codes of good practice. Employees can complete online courses without the need for off-site training and loss of man-hours to the company. By partaking in learnership initiatives through LFP, clients are eligible for tax rebates, youth subsidiaries and other grants. Students get hands-on experience and clients can claim the salary of the employee for the full duration of the learnership. Clients can claim more than 500% of the actual spend towards their skills development target spend.


LINK : https://www.businesslive.co.za/bd/business-and-economy/2018-03-09-lfp-training-reaches-new-heights-with-innovative-bee-aligned-training-plans/

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