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Artisans could add value

NEWS24 / 21 MARCH 2018 - 06.00 / CHRISTIAAN CLOETE

It is hoped that the brand-new Centre of Specialisation: Carpentry and Joinery at the Northern Cape Urban TVET College in Kimberley, which was launched on Friday (16/03), will assist in ensuring a closer working rela­tionship between the carpentry and joinery industry in South Africa and education and training facilities.

The centre will be dedicated to training quality artisans in the priority trades of carpentry and joinery, in partnership with employers, so that by the time they obtain their qualifications the students meet the needs of strategic integrated projects and other strategic projects.

Speaking at the launch of the Centre of Specialisation: Carpentry and Joiner at the Moremogolo Campus of the Northern Cape Urban TVET College in Kimberley, Mustak Ally, the keynote speaker, said the new centre would help to equip young people with the necessary skills to. Foto: Christiaan Cloete

Speaking at the launch, Mustak Ally, who heads the Chamber of Mines (CoM) of South Africa’s skills development project, said that the centre would go a long way in addressing the mismatch between what South African industry needs and what the education system is producing.

He said that business was behind centres of specialisation accross the country, such as the newly established one in Kimberley.

“When investments start coming back (to South Africa) we need to start taking care of the huge challenges that we have with regards to the youth. We hope that upliftment can be achieved by delivering 21st century artisans,” Ally said.

Speaking at the launch, Ally said there was much concern about the current slow economic growth and high levels of unemployement and poverty.

“I am talking to you at a time when statistics show that the unemployment rate in South Africa is bordering on 28%.

“If you were to look at the expanded definition of un­employment (and take into account those who have become discouraged and have stopped actively seeking unemployment) you will see it is considered around 36%.

“What is even more shocking is that the youth under the age of 25 make up a staggering 70% of this unemployment figure in South Africa.”

According to Ally, various stakeholders share the view that South Africans do not posess the necessary skills to improve productivity in the country and that our country’s global competitiveness is being adversely affected as a result.

Ally said that more people were realising the important role that the development of artisans had to play in improving the socio-economic challenges that we face in South Africa.

“Technical training vocational education is enormously important to the growth of the country and quality artisans can bring huge value to the country and businesses across South Africa.”


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