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Wacker Neuson concludes ground-breaking black-owned dealer / distribution agreement with Enza Capita


Wacker Neuson is proud to announce the successful conclusion of a dealer and distribution agreement on 22nd March 2018 which sees Enza Capital Equipment as the first 100% black-owned Wacker Neuson dealer in South Africa.

Enza is a member of the Asani Group, a diversified industrialholdings company with operations in capital equipment, industrial services, engineering, petrochemical infrastructure services and energy. Enza specialises in the sale and rental of industrial capital equipment from Original EquipmentManufacturers (OEMs) to a diverse range of clientèle across various industries.

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“We have identified a substantial gap in the South African market which offers tremendous potential and opportunities for a mainstream industrial equipment company that can provide superior services backed by reliable technical and OEM expertise,” says Asani Group CEO, Zweli Dladla “There is space for another mainstream company to play at this level. But success and true value, especially in the capital equipment business, hinge on the right reputable OEM partner with a proven well-respected brand and a diverse range of quality products. Recognising Wacker Neuson asthat partner, we approached them on the premise of bolstering our industrial and capital equipment portfolio offering.”

Wacker Neuson occupies a significant footprint in the construction space and has an experienced management team that understands the market and industry dynamics. According to Dladla quality products, expertise, and excellent service and after-market offerings are fundamental to a good customer experience and building strong long-term customer relationships. “This is what Wacker Neuson brings to the table. By enabling Enza to support industry better and respond faster, this partnership will give us competitive edge and take us to the next level,” affirms a confident Dladla.

“While we have a distinctive brand supported by quality products and service a new approach to markets like parastatals that we have found difficult to penetrate, was needed in order to secure a sustainable way forward,” states Wacker Neuson Sub-Saharan Africa’s Managing Director, Dennis Vietze. “We needed a partnership but we also recognised the importance of finding the right partner.

So when Enza approached us on becoming a Wacker Neuson dealer, we listened and we liked what we heard. Through Enza, Wacker Neuson will be able to maintain and increase its market share, while entering into new markets where Wacker Neuson previously did not have a footprint.

There is no doubt that both companies will benefit from a joint go-to market strategy. Following a strategic analysis and my attendance of a BEE training course, our homework was complete and we were ready to finalise the agreement.”

In terms of the landmark agreement, Enza will specialise in the sale and rental of a strategically defined Wacker Neuson product portfolio that will comprise concrete equipment, vibratory plates, rammers, rollers, breakers, light-towers and generators. Headquartered in Gauteng, Enza will focus its efforts in Johannesburg, Rustenburg, Kathu and Limpopo. As a 100% black-owned company with significant black woman ownership, and a Level 1 BEE rating, Enza will develop a clientèle base in the mining, parastatal and public sectors with the objective of maintaining and increasing market share and making inroads into currently under-serviced areas.

Transformation is a strategic focus within the South African landscape. “At Asani Group we are about next-level thinking and our approach to transformation is completely different,” notes Dladla. “Enza will not be a ‘middle-man’ but will instead add tangible value to the Wacker Neuson productthrough engineering product solutions, strategically placing the product close to the customer and providing excellent after-sales service and rental options.”

Enza boasts a highly skilled team with extensive experience in the equipment space and will initially work hand-in-hand with Wacker Neuson while building its own team of technicians and establishing systems that are aligned with Wacker Neuson brand. “It is vital that the Wacker Neuson DNA and skills are transferred to Enza so that we can understand the product and build loyalty to the brand. Ultimately our objective is that when customers speak to Enza it will be the same as speaking to Wacker Neuson,” says Dladla.

“Ensuring the ultimate customer experience through the delivery of multi-solutions and an end-to-end product / service portfolio with quality as the common denominator will differentiate Enza. These are the cornerstones of our partnership with Wacker Neuson.”

Vietze assures 360 degree full-house support from Wacker Neuson which will include training, forecasting, stock management and field assistance. “We will adopt a train-the-trainer approach and share knowledge through local and academy training.” He confirms that as their newly appointed dealer, Enza will automatically be included in all Wacker Neuson dealer activities which include training. “We are extremely excited about this new partnership with Enza. Both companies are committed to ploughing its energies into this agreement and we are confident that it will set the foundation for a long and mutually prosperous business relationship, “concludes Vietze.


LINK : http://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/wacker-neuson-concludes-ground-breaking-black-owned-dealer-distribution-agreement-with-enza-capital-equipment-2018-04-10/rep_id:4136

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