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3000 unemployed youth will be trained by this R250m programme

IOL / 18 APRIL 2018 - 07:30 / ZEENAT VALLIE

CAPE TOWN - Local job readiness initiative, The Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CiTi) announced that it will be contributing R250 million to support skills development and job creation in South Africa.

CiTi, which was launched in 1999 aims to equip unemployed South Africans with digital skills in Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth as well as at the organisations hub in Cape Town.

Picture: The Jobs Fund. (Supplied).

The CapaCiTi programme has spent seven years to build their expertise in technology skills development. CapaCiTi has already trained 1000 candidates and placed them in jobs.

With the additional funding of R250 million, CapaCiTi will now be training 3000 candidates with industry-demanded technology and business skills, placing them in permanent jobs in South Africa's leading companies.

CiTi has received R75 million from the National Jobs Fund, R100 million from BCX, and the additional funding will come from leading SA companies who invest in SA's youth and their own business' digital transformation. Thus far, the job readiness programme has achieved a 97% placement rate in 130 South African companies to date.

Skills shortage is a harrowing problem in South Africa which is why this programme has the ability to elevate job creation.

“South Africa faces an enormous unemployment problem whilst at the same time the economy is being constrained from growing at its full potential due to a shortage of appropriate skills. This is further exacerbated by a rapid change to our old economic model as the new digital economy becomes pervasive. Disruptive technology is damaging social cohesion throughout the world, but we see this as a massive opportunity for South Africa to unlock all the latent talent which we have by providing access to relevant, responsive skills training and education. Our new President called on us to play an active role in shaping South Africa’s future, to “Send Me”, in his recent State of the Nation address. This is the opportunity for corporate SA to stand up and answer that call. Come and join us by participating in this amazing skills initiative, whilst at the same time solving your tech skills constraints", said CEO of CiTi, Ian Merrington.

Picture: The Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CiTi). (Supplied).

CapaCiTi Programme

The job readiness programs range from 3 to 12 months and all programmes are coupled with a 6-month internship. This makes the total length of the programme between 9 to 18 months, said Head of CapaCiTi programme, Soraya Mohideen.

The programme is specifically designed for previously disadvantaged SA citizens.

While the programmes cover different skill set, the minimum requirement is a Matric.

After completion, candidates receive a certificate and they are then placed in an internship following their training.

The next process is where interviews are conducted to place graduates into full-time jobs. CapaCiTi has a placement track record of 90% of its graduates placed into internships and 82% of its graduates placed into permanent jobs.

CapaCiTi’s programmes focus on software development languages like Java and Python and ICT infrastructure.

Graduates have been placed at more than 180 companies in SA including Absa, Woolworths, PWC and T-Systems to name a few.

“Students will receive a core technical training (in one of the above), which is layered with 21st century business skills training in collaboration, critical and creative thinking, communication and supported by a professional coach who will equip them with the personal skills and toolsets required to succeed in the modern workplace. CapaCiTi grads are "job-ready", meaning they add value to the business/ their employer as soon as they start”, said Mohideen.

She adds that digital technology is the driving force in industry today. "Data driven companies who adopt and adapt tech will survive the surge in digital disruption across all sectors. This rapid digitization of industry, coupled with the critical skills shortage in tech disciplines and high rates of youth unemployment, makes the environment ripe for job creation. CapaCiTi responds to business needs by designing tech training and job readiness programmes which deliver skilled young talent into the market”, concluded Mohideen.


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