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Durban Business Fair where SMMEs meet business stakeholders

IOL / 18 APRIL 2018 - 12:00 / STAFF REPORTER

DURBAN - The Durban Business Fair will be celebrating their 20th of helping SMME's.

The business fair is a platform that gives SMMEs the opportunity to showcase their products and services. The entrepreneurs can use the exhibition as a way to start a conversation about their products and promote their products.

The eThekwini Municipality will be hosting the Durban Business Fair. Photo: Facebook

Some of the objectives of the fair include exposing SMMEs to the latest innovative trends in the different sectors, to display the goods and services produced by the SMME's and to create a platform where SMMEs and corporate can interact with potential clients, big businesses, government support and procurement departments.

The fair is open to SMMEs, government departments, cooperatives, NGO's and appropriate stakeholders.in the SMME development field within the eThekwini Municipality.

There will be mentorship available at the fair for the Best Stand and SMME Excellence Awards winners. Other SMMEs are mentored through different business support programmes.

Through the Durban Business Fair, SMMEs will have the opportunity to meet with business stakeholders like the Durban Chamber of Commerce, MTN and Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal.

Gugu Bhengu, from Gugu Mobile Boutique took part in the Durban Business Fair in 2017. She said that the fair does help small business owners by showcasing their work. Bhengu, who has a handcrafts business, said that through the fair she meets people who become her customers.


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