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A record-breaking learner graduation for LFP Training


As the largest privately owned further education and training (FET) college in South Africa, LFP Training trains up to 1,500 learners weekly at its campus in Randburg, and boasts a pass rate higher than the industry average.

It works with companies to provide skills development and training for unemployed and disabled people in line with the BEE Codes of Good Conduct.

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In February 2018, more than 300 learners signed up in just three days – a 50% increase from January registrations. After outgrowing its first premises, which now operates solely as a training campus, the college opened a new head office in Randburg in January this year. In April, additional training campuses will open in Randburg and Cape Town to accommodate the high demand.

Having recognised a critical gap for skills development to help address unemployment, LFP Training Group CEO Louis Pulzone founded the college in 2013. Skills development had become increasingly critical as the country looked to the private sector to play a key role in upskilling and empowering, while bridging the gap in education.

Through partnerships with companies, unemployed and disabled learners receive learnerships and stipends during their studies.

This year marked LFP’s biggest graduation ceremony to date. Five hundred students were honoured at the quarterly ceremony, which took place at the Apollo Hotel in Randburg on April 5 and 6. The ceremony recognises learners with full competencies who completed their courses in 2017.

Through education and mentorship, these learners have a better chance of finding employment and enriching their standard of living. LFP Training has retained many of its learners who now form part of its team of 90-plus employees.

Many students have walked through LFP Training’s doors, each with their own story, and LFP has become part of their history. While unemployment remains alarmingly high and inequality is still an issue, LFP is committed to working with its clients and associates to make a difference in learners’ lives.

A particularly touching story involves a student who joined LFP Training in 2014. At the time, she arrived in a wheelchair and lacked hope, strength and confidence. Thanks to LFP’s learnership and the mentorship she received from facilitators, she is now furthering her studies with LFP Training (and is even walking). The story is a true testament to what belief, confidence and care can do.


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