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Business Leadership SA to engage parties on land expropriation


JOHANNESBURG - Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) on Thursday said that it would be talking with political parties in a bid resolve the impasse between government and business following the adopting of a motion to amend section 25 of the Constitution to expropriate land without compensation.

BLSA chief executive Bonang Mohale pledged to work with members on developing proposals on inclusive growth and transformation, employment, skills development, cities and urbanisation. as well as ownership of land.

Picture: David Ritchie/African News Agency (ANA)

"On April 10, our Council held a special workshop to formulate their preliminary position on the issue of land reform in light of the current parliamentary process following the passing of the motion to expropriate land without compensation – a resolution of the ANC’s 54th national conference," Mohale said.

"For our part, we will be participating in this process, and we plan to engage both the African National Congress and the Economic Freedom Fighters which sponsored the motion in Parliament."

Mohale said that BLSA had taken note of the extensive consultative process outlined by the chairperson of the parliamentary ad hoc constitutional review committee, Vincent Smith, saying that all South Africans must make their views heard on this important matter.

"We want to work with all social partners on solutions that address the hardships of the past adequately without damaging the long-term sustainability of South Africa as an investment destination," Mohale said.


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