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.ZADNA simplifies Web name registration


More than 1 000 company and domain names have simultaneously been registered via the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission's (CIPC's) system.

The online system, which was implemented mid-December last year, integrates company and domain name registration in an effort to make it easier for users to register .ZA domain names that match their company names.

.ZADNA and CIPC develop a system that integrates company and domain name registration.

Andre Kritzinger, acting commissioner of the CIPC, explained that the domain name registration system is the result of a partnership agreement between his organisation, the ZA Domain Name Authority (.ZADNA) and the ZA Central Registry (ZACR).

Speaking at the official launch event in Sandton this morning, Kritzinger reiterated that the collaboration with .ZADNA is a strategic one that seeks to make it easier to do business.

One of the key things that drive CIPC is reducing the barriers to entry for small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs), stated Kritzinger. "The partnership with .ZADNA is not by chance; it is part of a natural organic process that CIPC has embraced over a number of years."

The CIPC's main role is to provide a registration function for domain names. Enabling this function, according to Kritzinger, is in line with some of the key economic objectives that president Cyril Ramaphosa has tried to articulate.

"We must try and make business as easy as possible to do. Reduce those barriers to entry and make processes convenient. South Africa's SMMEs and the emerging businesses form a key to economic progress."

Vika Mpisane, CEO of .ZADNA, shared similar sentiments and stated the authority was motivated to launch the system in order to integrate the .za domain name registration with company registration on the CIPC's platform.

Telecoms and postal services deputy minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams.

Photo source: GCIS

South Africa's domain name authority, .ZADNA, is an entity of the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services (DTPS) that manages and regulates the .za namespace.

Mpisane noted the domain name registration system provides an important capability for the CIPC as well as the ZACR.

"CIPC provides the platform and has now allowed us link the .za domain name registration to that platform. This means that when people register or reserve company names, they can at the same time search if that company name is available to be used as a Web address or as a domain name."

The cost of domain registration on this platform is R51.75.

Government backing
The South African government has identified SMMEs as a means to accelerate economic growth and transformation, and has therefore prioritised small business development and support.

Statistics from the Small Enterprise Development Agency indicate there are as many as 5.6 million SMMEs in SA as of June 2017, which contribute to an estimated 34% of the gross domestic product.

DTPS deputy minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, who also attended the event, said everyone must understand the importance of being registered on the domain name authority's platform.

In talking about SMMEs and building the digital economy, stakeholders also have to make sure these emerging businesses are brought onto digital platforms, she noted.

Both government and private sector players have a role to play in coming up with progressive initiatives that can help take SA forward and getting citizens ready for the fourth industrial revolution.

"The partnership between CIPC and .ZADNA is in line with the National Integrated ICT White Paper Policy that alludes to SMME development and support. This collaboration will enable SMMEs to be able to have a domain name and Web site at the onset of company registration, thereby supporting SMME development."


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