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Ask Afrika sign significant B-BBEE deal with ENCHA Green Brands

RNEWS / 08 MAY 2018 - 15.01 / STAFF REPORTER

On Tuesday, following an 18-year search for the right B-BBEE partner, Ask Afrika - the largest independent market research company in South Africa - signed an agreement with ENCHA Green Brands (EGB). At its core, this partnership is centered around 1) an aligned value system, 2) dedication to developing African solutions, as well as 3) sound business ethics and integrity.

Says Andrea Gevers, CEO at Ask Afrika, “This partnership is a game changer for us! Having spent many years looking for the right partner, there is no doubt that EGB meets all our criteria. For us, culture fit is very important in all we do; we needed a partner that we could work with – one that could aid us in growing our private and public-sector business but, most importantly, a partner that is authentic and engages on our core principle of integrity.”

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EGB is a relatively new, family-owned, diversified investment holding company, born out of the well-established, ENCHA Group. It remains a sought-after strategic, black-owned, investment partner for many, with a vast network of alliances and partnerships built over many years, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of its principals. Their mandate rests on a financially sound return on investment (ROI). Participation is non-operational on most investments – with great emphasis placed on their strategic involvement on the board of investee companies.

“Our investment ethos is based on identifying like-minded businesses that exhibit integrity, are sustainable and demonstrate technologically advanced and disruptive internal systems – these attributes have made Ask Afrika the perfect investment partner,” says Dr. Ulime Moseneke at EGB.

“In fact, in talking to the market, we discovered a profitable, efficient and professional work ethic in Ask Afrika. This, coupled with synergies between Ask Afrika and the other investments we were looking at, made perfect sense and will likely open avenues of great opportunity for all involved,” adds Dr. Moseneke.

The Ask Afrika brand aims to create solutions for the African continent, developing home-grown solutions to ensure Africa remains relevant and sustainable. EGB follows suit in this regard, with a strong focus on Africa, as well as on technological innovation and positive market disruption. The company boasts solid networking, strategy, analytics and advisory skills and is focused on unlocking value for their stakeholders.

“Having spent time with Andrea, we discovered a leading market research company with a people-focused, strong African narrative – one that is not afraid to stretch boundaries in order to produce tangible information that builds economies. We love that, it is the lifeblood and ethos that underpins our family’s entrepreneurial construct,” says Dr. Moseneke.

“Business success and integrity go hand-in-hand. The Moseneke family is well-known for these values and so we are very happy with this partnership. What’s more, with Dr. Ulime Moseneke as our non-executive Chairwoman, and myself as CEO, we are extremely proud to boast an all-female board of directors. This is something not many South African corporates can attest to and an attribute that I believe is going to place us in good stead for the future,” concludes Gevers.


LINK : https://www.rnews.co.za/article/ask-afrika-sign-significant-b-bbee-deal-with-encha-green-brands

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