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NEWS24 / 18 MAY 2018 - 06.00 / STAFF REPORTER

WARM greetings to the Kokstad community and community at large.


Greater Kokstad Municipality (GKM) Youth Council convened a Strategic Planning Workshop at Rocky Ridge Conference Venue on April 3 and April 4.

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The discussion focus was on the following areas, which are very key to youth development and as a result they are at the interest of the youth council.

Education, skills development and work-integrated, social development and career development, private public partnership, employment programmes and economic empowerment. Other matters of interest that were discussed in terms of policy amendments, where the young people of the Greater Kokstad area can be included and benefit as follows.

To include representation of youth council in council portfolio committees on participatory bases and to have ward committees representing youth in ward level to be obliged to sit in the youth council and report on delegated tasks.

However, the ward committee members do not constitute quorum but their attendance being noted separately. The number of directly elected youth council members need to be equal to the size of the municipal council. To have a recall clause on where structures will recall their representatives in the council and replace them with other members from their respective structure. There were a number of resolutions that were taken which will be translated into action plan by the municipality.


A two-day Growth Development summit was held on May 8-9, under the theme; Enhancing Partnerships for Radical Economic Transformation for inclusive and viable Economic Growth.

The focus of the summit was on the Rural Economic Development — Role of local Government in local economic development (LED), planning and development towards investment in a small town including access to land, opportunities in green economy, radical economic transformation, RASET, Operation Vula and Black Industrialist Programme, preferential procurement, skills development and capacity building — accelerating youth, women, and disabled person sector building, poverty alleviation and access to market. I would like to thank the Harry Gwala District Municipality, all Government departments and business funding agencies in KZN who support the GKM in this initiative. This is the starting point for the municipality in prioritizing LED and working towards the attraction of potential investor, and create a conducive environment for SMMEs and co-operatives growth.

Thank you for lending me your eyes and ears, we will meet again, same time, same place.


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