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New organisation promotes township entrepreneurship


MIDRAND – The South African Business Initiative for Small Micro Medium Enterprise organisation aims to create a platform to encourage township economy.

The desire to change the socio-economic conditions of a black child in the corporate world prompted Paul Mookang to establish the South African Business Initiative for Small Micro Medium Enterprise organisation.

Founder of the South African Business Initiative for Small Micro Medium Enterprise, Paul Mookang.

This enterprise is a South African based non-profit company and a membership organisation representing informal traders and small, micro and medium businesses. Its mandate is to reduce unemployment by converting job seekers into entrepreneurs.

Mookang who resides in Blue Hills, established the organisation in September 2016 after working in the human resources department in the corporate sector for many years. He said he felt the need to assist the government with creating employment and bettering the lives of people. He founded the organisation within the framework of the triple challenge of unemployment, poverty and inequality.

“I realised that employees were not able to perform effectively because of the standard of living. Employers did not understand the conditions that black people came from in the townships. Many employers could not understand when an employee was late because of problems such as taxis or bus strikes,” he said.

He said having faced similar challenges himself including politics at the workplace, he decided to create a platform which would encourage township economy.

“We try to involve entities such as the Gauteng Enterprise Propeller, National Youth Development Agency, Small Enterprise Development Agency and many more. By creating township entrepreneurship, we create township economy which also leads to employment opportunities,” he added.

Mookang said he has a high regard for Gauteng premier David Makhura for believing in township economy. He also said that the company hopes to reduce unemployment by 10 per cent in the next three years.

“It is possible. I have seen it happen in other countries. We need to change the mindset of youth, for them to start considering having their own businesses instead of being employees.”So far, about 20 youth entrepreneurs have been developed by the agency according to Mookang.


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