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OPINION: DA is still the party of the future

NEWS24/ 28 MAY 2018 - 13.57 / OCKERT FOURIE

I have been reading the story of a possible split in the DA and that the DA is losing support.

My take is that the DA is the only party that can be a true opposition party to the ANC. It is also the only party that could possibly govern one day, be that on their own or as part of a coalition.

News24 - Ockert Fourie - Comment

The DA is a party for South Africans who are tired of racism, corruption, nepotism, crime, unemployment and poverty. How anyone in his or her right mind can vote for the ANC after what they did to our country under Zuma and the Guptas boggles the mind.

I understand the need to gather more votes, but not by following the racial divisive policies of the ANC. There was no need for Mmusi Maimane to make the white privilege and Ashwin Willemse comments. So-called white privilege will disappear when the poor and unemployed can find a job and when South Africa can grow its economy for the benefit of all and not only for a few ANC politicians and BEE partners.

Call it ANC and BEE privilege if you like. Nobody really knows why Ashwin did what he did, but it is silly to make comments or to take a side without knowing the facts. Besides, I really do not care if Ashwin had a bad day at work. We all have it at times. He could have taken his grievances to his boss or he could have resigned his well paid job if it was unbearable for him to work with his colleagues.

What he did was well planned and he wanted to create an effect. I care about the millions of orphans, unemployed, poor and mistreated people of South Africa. I also care about my life and that of my children in this country.

So Mr Maimane, there is no need to make populist statements to gather votes. Leave that to Julius Malema. The EFF is not a threat to the DA.

The DA's attention should be on the middle class who bears the brunt of the government's excesses.

It is us who pay the taxes and have to battle to make ends meet while trying to provide for our children. The DA should target young people in their twenties, the so called born-frees, who are tired of the race card and who also dream of owning their own house one day and who want a job and live a decent and safe life.

There is no need for the DA to split. Sort out the direction that the party should take among yourselves for the benefit of South Africa.

South Africa needs a viable alternative to the ANC and we need the DA to represent the silent majority.



Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER

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