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Fleet assistance for small businesses


Ctrack has launched a mobile based fleet management app for SMMEs with a fleet of up to 30 cars

As a small, medium micro enterprise (SMME), which generally is a company with a turnover of just under R5m per annum, finding cost-effective solutions remains an integral part of the company’s profitability and bottom line.

The Drive system is app based for ease of use by drivers and managers. Picture: CTRACK

Subscribing to a telematics fleet management solution to aid in increasing a company’s profits has been, for the most part, reserved for much bigger firms.

Now Ctrack has launched mobile app-based software dubbed Drive that will benefit SMMEs with a fleet of up to 30 vehicles to manage them in a more efficient way. The software is aimed at companies whose fleet is not its core business and do not have the finance to employ a full-time fleet manager.

According to the company, the Drive solution provides the fleet management tools business owners require without the prohibitive costs and complexity of current offerings. Drive’s intuitive dashboard, for example, can be viewed and administered on computers and mobile devices and provides a top-down view of vehicles, drivers and tasks simultaneously.

The solution can also provide a full overview of a company’s in-progress and scheduled tasks, with the tracking of deliveries and job statuses. This makes it possible to schedule jobs beforehand, assigning these to specific drivers and/or vehicles, as required.


After entering the tasks for the day, the built-in route optimisation function provides the most efficient routes for drivers to travel. This reduces the time taken, distances driven and the amount of fuel consumed on a daily basis. It also means drivers waste no time phoning controllers for assistance.

Furthermore, jobs and customer visits can be scheduled on a driver’s phone, thereby assisting drivers with planning and structuring their tasks. Turn-by-turn navigation means drivers never get lost, while a trip score highlights areas needing driver behaviour improvements.

Real-time driving violations can be depicted, as can where vehicles were driven, where they stopped or where they idled excessively. Using geo-fencing capability, vehicles can be limited to predefined areas, with alerts sent when breaches occur. These alerts can be sent and received via the Drive app, SMS or e-mail.

In addition, the software also doubles as a vehicle tracking device which can work as a secondary or primary tracking device, depending on the company owner’s requirements.

"Ctrack is proud to launch this innovative solution for the SMME market at a competitive price," says Cobus Grove, Ctrack global chief operating officer. "Drive is the culmination of 30 years of experience and reflects a deep understanding of the needs of customers across the diverse fleet telematics market.

"This system grants business owners full online visibility of their fleet, for improved operational efficiencies, on the move. Drive enables Ctrack clients to make split-second decisions that reduce costs from the first day of implementation."


LINK : https://www.businesslive.co.za/bd/life/motoring/2018-05-31-fleet-assistance-for-small-businesses/

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