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Coega has created more than 100 000 jobs since its inception

RNEWS / 21 JUNE 2018 - 12.31 / STAFF REPORTER

The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) has marked a significant milestone since the inception of the organisation with over hundred thousand (100 000) jobs created in the Coega project.

“It gives us great pleasure to have realised this milestone. Equally, it serves as a motivator for us to push even further towards our vision to become the leading catalyst for the championing of socio-economic development,” says Dr Ayanda Vilakazi, CDC Head of Marketing, Brand and Communications.

Main image: HUB FOR JOB CREATION:workers at the Customs Control Warehouse

currently being built in Zone 1 of the Coega SEZ

As an indication of the organisation not resting on its laurels, the Coega SEZ currently has three projects under construction accumulatively creating over one thousand eight hundred (1800) jobs, since construction started.

The Osho Cement plant, a six hundred million investment (R600 million) has created hundred and fifty (150) jobs, the BAIC automotive manufacturing plant, an eleven billion investment (R11 billion) has created one thousand five hundred (1500) jobs and lastly, the Customs Control (CC) Warehouse, a thirty six million (R36 million) investment has created over hundred and fifty (150) jobs.

“To us, it’s not about the bricks and mortar, it’s about what the investment can translate meaningfully into the lives of ordinary citizens of the Eastern Cape,” adds Dr Vilakazi.

Thandazani Mbanga, a thirty (30) year old from Kamvelihle in Motherwell, currently working as a General Worker at the Customs Control Area (CCA) Warehouse construction site in zone 1, highlights the importance of being able to provide for his family.

“Before this job, I had been unemployed for over two years. I am grateful for this opportunity and for the training I have received because it has equipped me with skills I desperately needed.”

EMPOWERING GROWTH:gaining invaluable experience at the Customs Control Area Warehouse (left to right) is Thandazani Mbanga (30), Nikelwa Mbumba (25) and Antonio Fisher (23)

The same sentiments also echoed by Antonio Fischer, a twenty three (23) year old from Gelvandale in the northern areas of Port Elizabeth, currently working as a Scaffold Director at the CCA Warehouse construction site in zone 1.

He highlights how the job has “positively impacted my life through changing my financial condition because my wages allows me to afford my needs and those of my family.”

Lastly, a rose amongst the thorns is Nikelwa Mbumba, a 25 year old from East London, currently working as a Clerks of Works inspector at the CCA Warehouse construction site.

She expresses her gratitude for the opportunity afforded to her, “the CDC has assisted me greatly, I have had the opportunity to developed my skills and gained greater insight on my chosen career path. I have managed to grow myself, because before I arrived at Coega I only had theoretical knowledge of what we are dealing with on-site.”



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