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Shell fuels SA’s youth with LiveWIRE social investment programme


Shell is committed to creating a pipeline of future suppliers and helping young people start viable businesses

LiveWIRE is all about youth upliftment and supporting youth entrepreneurship – and that is why it works around the clock to support upliftment programmes that help young people reach their full potential.

Creating young entrepreneurs helps ensure a steady economy. Picture: 123RF/LANGSTRUP

Established in Scotland in 1982 and introduced in SA in 1995, LiveWIRE is now offered in more than 17 countries and has helped young entrepreneurs become active members of society and economic contributors.

Shell is proud to be part of the socioeconomic development of SA. It believes the LiveWIRE programme will help young people attain the skills the market requires. The programme supports the country’s current priorities to minimise poverty, unemployment and inequality and to power the development of the youth.

The ultimate aim is to contribute to the creation of a sturdy culture of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in SA, and to develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities of these entrepreneurs.

LiveWIRE reflects Shell’s commitment to society, where it operates by creating a pipeline of future suppliers and helping the youth start viable businesses that will sustain them and their communities.

It is also important to Shell to address skills shortages and improving the labour market within these communities.

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