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Top achievers from the MiX Telematics Enterprise BEE Trust celebrated

RNEWS / 18 JULY 2018 - 11.17 / STAFF REPORTER

MiX Telematics, a leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions, recently celebrated and awarded the top ten South African academic achievers of 2017, at their offices in Midrand. The MiX Telematics Enterprise BEE Trust subsidises the education of these top achievers, from the Employee Education Fund. The Trustees, MiX Telematics employees and very proud parents of the pupils, attended the event.

These primary and high school students achieved outstanding results. The highest average achieved from one of the pupils was an impressive 90%, with four pupils achieving 80% to 89% and five pupils achieving an average of 75% to 79% respectively.

The Employee Education Fund was founded in 2013 and provides educational assistance to qualifying MiX employees who cannot afford quality education for their children. The fund makes provision for tuition fees, stationery, transport, school uniforms and, in certain instances, boarding fees. Unlike most bursaries or educational assistance programs, this fund not only focuses on high school students, but is specifically aimed at assisting students from as early as possible in their school careers.

“Core to our company culture is significant investment in our staff and their children. Through the Trust, we are able to not only offer tuition funding but also provide careful educational support, in order to enable these students to be the best that they can be,” says Bathandwa Kwababa chairperson of the Trust.

“Our end goal is to see the MiX Employee Education Fund being utilised by as many staff members as possible. In fact, the Trust has indicated that despite the Fund’s accomplishments, support from across the company is always required. The fund has created conditions under which only the best performing learners can emerge – which has only attracted more applicants, keen to prove that they have what it takes,” concludes Kwababa.



Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER

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