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IMC welcomes SAHRC report on challenges of mining-affected communities


The Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) for the Revitalisation of Distressed MiningTowns and Labour Sending Areas, in a statement on Thursday, welcomed the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) Investigative Hearing Report on the underlying socioeconomic challenges of mining-affected communities in South Africa.

Decent living conditions for mineworkers and the development trajectory of mining towns and labour sending areas remains a core focus for the IMC.

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The report is a contribution in support of the mandate of the SAHRC of promoting respect for human rights, developing a culture of human rights, promoting the protection, development and attainment of human rights as well as monitoring and assessing the observance of human rights in the country, in this case with a particular focus on communities affected by mining related activities.

The SAHRC has presented the findings of its report to the IMC, and a process has been established to adhere and implement the recommendations and findings of the commission.

The IMC will also put in place additional institutional mechanisms and projects, which will include State-owned entities and agencies in order to address challenges faced by distressed mining communities and labour sending areas.

These initiatives include an array of socioeconomic development programmes aimed at diversifying mining and labour sending areas’ local and regional economies.

“We continue to make immense strides in improving working conditions and mine community health by coordinating stakeholder support in ensuring health services, products and retirement benefits are easily accessible to former mineworkers,” the IMC said.



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