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Government finance options for franchise business


Government has designed funding platforms for entrepreneurs who wish to get into franchising. What are some of the options available?

Franchising continues to be an effective avenue for starting and growing successful businesses across various sectors. Through franchising business model, an increasing number of small and medium businesses in South Africa are being established and contributing towards the country’s economic growth. Government has recognised the role that franchising can play in job creation, poverty alleviation and economic growth.

Here are some government finance options.
Imbewu Franchise Finance

Imbewu Franchise Finance is designed for black entrepreneurs who wish to get a franchise business as a way of gaining access to economic opportunities whilst reducing investment risk. The funding thresholds for Imbewu is from a minimum of R250,000 to a maximum of R10 million. This fund is charged at prime linked interest rates and a key requirement to access this finance is that there should be BEE shareholding of up to 50.1%.

uMnotho Fund

uMnotho Fund is run through the National Empowerment Fund (NEF).This fund is available to black entrepreneurs who manage or own businesses, new ventures or wish to expand existing business. uMnotho Fund is provided from a minimum amount of R2 million to a maximum of R50 million.

Khula Enterprise Finance

Khula Enterprise Finance is focused on the development and sustainability of small business enterprises in South Africa. This government fund seeks to bridge the funding gap which is not filled by commercial lenders. Since the Khula business loans are virtually backed by the government, they are among the most dependable and most easily accessible to the owners of small to medium sized businesses which are just starting out. Khula finance is offered from a minimum of R10,000 to a maximum of R3 million

Youth Empowerment Fund

This funding programme focuses on youth entrepreneurs who are at early stages of enterprise development. Youth Empowerment Fund is made available from a minimum amount of R1,000 to a maximum of R200,000 with agriculture and technology related projects enjoying an extended maximum threshold of R250,000.

To qualify for this fund, applicants must be between 18-35 years, be South African citizens or residents, have a commercially viable and sustainable business, have relevant qualifications or business and/or technical experience including proven entrepreneurship business experience where applicable. Upon approval of grant, if applicant is employed full time, he/she may be required to resign from employment.

The government finance options listed above should be worth considering by entrepreneurs venturing into franchise business.



Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER

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