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Partnership enables the ‘impossible’

NEWS24 / 29 AUGUST 2018 - 06.04 / STAFF REPORTER

The community of Ritchie has welcomed a project that was launched at the old Twee Riviere School on Tuesday, 14 August.

The aim is to educate and empower 100 people from the community in the areas of Adult Basic Education and Training (Abet), Agriculture and Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME).

Stakeholders in an educational project launched in the Ritchie community on Tuesday, 14 August, are from the left, front: Wickus de Winnaar and Michelle Engelbrecht (Steyn Diamonds) who are handing over the ceremonial spade to ward councillors Bonsile Makhamba and Norman Hammer; back: Glen Urquhart (SA National Labour Solutions), Themba Mlonyeni (Sol Plaatje Municipality), Leone Edwards (Miracle of the Heart) and Ton van der Smit (Eye for Others).Photo: Supplied

The founding of the project was the result of the collective work of SA National Labour Solutions, the Ritchie ward councillors, the Local Economic Development (LED) Department of the Sol Plaatje Municipality, Steyn Diamonds, Miracle of the Heart, the Northern Cape Community Education and Training College and Eye for Others.

Glen Urquhart of SA National Labour Solutions highlighted that the project was proof that more could be achieved through working together to reach common goals.

“Working together makes the impossible, possible. As a result, this project will have a significant impact upon individuals, families and the community as a whole,” said Urquhart.

To ensure the sustainability of the project, the stakeholders are engaging the local municipality to assist with availing land to successful agricultural graduates.

An SMME hub is also envisioned for successful SMME graduates

Michelle Engelbrecht of Steyn Diamonds, which will be funding the project, elaborated on how they believed in forming a strategic partnership with the community in order to build a better future.

Bonsile Makhamba, Ritchie ward councillor, expressed positivity about the working relationship established between the partners.

“Our students are happy to receive this kind of training, which will greatly benefit the community,” Makhamba said.

“When Norman Hammer and I started as councillors, we set ourselves an objective to ensure the training of 100 people in the Ritchie community within two years of us taking office. We have now achieved our first major goal in improving the Ritchie community.”

Hammer challenged the students to use the opportunity to empower themselves to make a better life for them and their loved ones.



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