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Positive insights at Richfield’s flagship research conference


The theme for the conference was ‘Rising to the IT challenge- setting new norms for transformational change in education, business and leadership’.

World-class keynote speakers were present at the Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology Research Conference (RGITRC 2018), which was held at the L’Aperitivo Conference Centre in Umhlanga Ridge, recently.

Speakers, dignitaries, Richfield management and special guests at the conference.

The theme for the conference was ‘Rising to the IT challenge- setting new norms for transformational change in education, business and leadership’.

The main focus of the conference was to reflect Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology as being a centre of excellence and provider of world class skills in Africa.

The conference provided an opportunity to discuss and entertain topics that stretch into the future, and are vital to secure the future of South Africa.

There were oral paper presentations, plenary sessions and panel discussions. Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology has partnered with IBM, SAP, Microsoft and other global giants to address the skills shortage problem in South Africa and beyond.

Richfield has also become a foremost technology institution in South Africa and a leader of innovation and research.

With its emphasis on deep technical knowledge, Richfield is better placed to drive the new economy that South Africa acutely needs.

“The institution in its 29 year history, received great accolades and awards on a regional, national and international scale for consistent performance. Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology has, in particular, been recognised for consistent efforts towards developing its higher education and training system in South Africa. It is not surprising that Investec is now in the final stages of acquiring a controlling interest in Richfield Holdings,” said group CEO, Jay Ramundlall.

In addressing the key challenges in higher education, Richfield focused its energy in integrating technology into the curriculum with the objective of improving student success rates.

Their collaborations on various fronts help facilitate research.

The global multinational technology giant, IBM, is partnering with Richfield to develop the next generation of technical talent in Africa and beyond by making Richfield a hub for next generation market-driven skills.

Students and staff of Richfield are set to benefit with advanced hands on skills in a range of information technology courses which are crucial to Africa’s social and economic development.

In more recent times, companies such as FNB, Standard Bank, Vodacom, CSIR, EOH , Hyperion and Investec have also begun a pursuit of Richfield graduates.

The institution is also collaborating with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). CSIR members serve on the Research Forum, CIDD Committee and Senate.

The collaboration is contributing to enhancing cybersecurity skills development, cybersecurity Qualification Development and development leadership, to improve cybersecurity research.

This conference will be followed by their second CIDD Workshop for 2018, where some of the recommendations shall be explored further and decisions taken about their possible inclusion in their curriculum design and review processes.

Technology now lends itself to what may be described as virtual student exchanges.

To this end, Richfield has partnered with the State University of New York in developing the Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) programme.

The programme will now make it possible for Richfield and AAA students from its campuses from throughout South Africa and Suny’s 64 campuses across the State of New York to participate in online group projects, work integrated learning projects and joint application development type initiatives.



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