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LETTER: BEE reflects a belief in white solutions


BEE places responsibility for creating African careers in the hands of white conglomerates in the form of affirmative action, writes Dr Kenosi Mosalakae

The term “liberal” was used to describe white people who think they are more capable of working out solutions for black problems and that their solutions are superior to those devised by black people based on first-hand experience of their own problems.


Many politicians, including Julius Malema, accept white solutions for black problems without question, even force white people to provide solutions and claim the credit for doing things for black people.

It is precisely this belief in white solutions that led to the minimal participation of blacks in business and gave white business relief in the form of broad-based BEE. The responsibility for finding expression for African careers is placed in the hands of established white conglomerates in the form of affirmative action.

It is amazing that people can believe that the problem of years of deprivation can be solved by forcing 45-million of themselves into infrastructure build for 5-million whites who ran the show all along.

Even more strange is how it came about that the majority of Africans think that initiatives of African self-development constitute racism.

Dr Kenosi Mosalakae Houghton


LINK : https://www.businesslive.co.za/bd/opinion/letters/2018-10-09-letter-bee-reflects-a-belief-in-white-solutions/

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