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Programme for accelerating economic growth in KZN


Durban - The KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs and Productivity SA recently announced the introduction of a programme to improve the productivity and competitiveness of exporters and prospective exporters in the province.

The primary aim of the programme is to grow the exports industry to accelerate economic growth and job creation in the province.

Regional manager for Productivity SA in KwaZulu-Natal Amelia Naidoo said: “The KZN Exporter Competitiveness Programme is primed to improve the productivity and competitiveness of exporters and prospective exporters through the provision of a foundation of operational efficiency and company performance.”

She said the programme would be launched during the annual Productivity SA regional productivity awards although 20 exporters had already signed up to participate.

“The programme stands to improve the productivity of the exports industry in KwaZulu-Natal,” Naidoo said.

The key objectives of the programme includes a drive to improve and modernise KZN exporter practices and infrastructure, create opportunities for the previously disadvantaged and enable SMMEs to actively participate in the export market.

The programme will cluster companies to collaborate and share best practices, while helping emerging small businesses to leverage from entrepreneurs who are running established firms.

Department deputy director-general Sihle Mkhize said “a more competitive economy has a much greater ability to sustain higher wages, which in turn translates to a higher standard of living for the citizens. As such, part of our economic growth and development vision for KZN is to transform this province into one of the most competitive economies.”

Productivity SA CEO Mothunye Mothiba said: “As South Africa grapples with the changing socio-economic and industrial landscape, mainly brought about by rapid globalisation and the fourth industrial revolution, including associated disruptive technologies, we should steadfastly promote and facilitate best practices in productivity and innovation to improve economic competitiveness”


LINK : https://www.iol.co.za/mercury/network/programme-for-accelerating-economic-growth-in-kzn-17602730

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