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An exciting road of possibilities lies ahead for 500 LFP Training graduates


FONTAINEBLEAU – LFP Training held a graduation for more than 500 of their disabled and unemployed learners.

It was another record-breaking graduation at LFP Training this year, as 500 unemployed and disabled learners graduated

More than 500 learners graduated from LFP Training recently.

At the recent event, more than 500 learners were recognised for passing their leranerships with full competencies at the Apollo Hotel.

The learners, 500 unemployed and disabled people who have acquired new skills, graduate from LFP training.

Many of these learners now have access to opportunities thanks to their new-found skill.

Communications specialist, Kristly McCarthy said in previous years, the slow uptake of BEE policies have created a less than desirable result in our country’s transformation

Companies soon began to realise that policies were here to stay and today we see less resistance and more inclusion.

She added that the gone are gone where disabled persons are viewed as ‘lesser people.’

“In some cultures, disability has been frowned on in the past but what we are finding is that disabled people are now even more driven and want to be educated and enabled. The barriers of disability must now be lifted, and empowerment must take place,” said McCarthy.

McCarthy noted how a statement by the South African Human Rights Commission, Research Brief on Disability and Equality in SA said globally, people with disabilities are marginalised and excluded from full participation in society.

In South Africa, people with disabilities face multiple forms of discrimination in various social spheres

By working with corporates in line with the BEE Codes of Good Conduct, LFP Training has now trained more than 7 000 disabled and unemployed learners.

Learnerships are facilitated in a simulated environment at campuses around the country. With online courses also available.


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