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Focus on critical skills brings opportunity

NEWS24 / 24 OCTOBER 2018 - 06.01 / BOIPELO MERE

The shockingly high figure of unemployment has prompted Kolomela Mine to redouble its efforts towards unlocking opportunities to develop its youth and help make them more employable.

That is according to George Benjamin, the company’s manager for public affairs, with regards to Statistics South Africa’s revelations that the unemployment rate among young people aged 15 to 34 was 38,2% in the first quarter of 2018.

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He interprets this as more than one in every three young persons in the labour force being unemployed.

A low skills level has been blamed for the youth’s un­ability to find employment in Postmasburg.

Kolomela Mine reportedly embarked on a five-year skills development programme in 2015, which focuses on offering the critical skills needed in Tsantsabane.

One of the skills Kolomela Mine is looking at under its community skills development programme is basic computer skills training.

A group of 20 young people from Tsantsabane graduated and received certificates to prove their competency in August.

In addition to basic computer skills, the programme also offers young people the chance to receive training in Engineering N1, N2 and N3, as well as their Code 10 learner licence and driving licence.

“The aim is to improve the employability of our youth through skills development interventions that will equip them with critical and relevant skills,” explained Benjamin.

“The community skills development programme is reviewed annually to ensure that the skills we provide are responding to the ever-changing environment and meet the needs of our labour market,” he said.



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