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Meet Thokozani Miya, the founder of the 1st black-owned taxi service in the sky


With the economy struggling to regain strength and unemployment on the rise, a lot of people are starting their own companies to make ends meet.

One man, however, managed to start something which the City Press described as the "first of its kind" in the country.

Thokozani Miya, who refers to himself as an airplane maniac, is the founder of Neo Aviation, a South African company which offers affordable flights to more than 150 airports in the country.

Sure Kamhunga took to his official Twitter page to share Miya's exceptional success story.

"Thokozani Miya, founder of probably the first black owned air taxi service in SA called Neo Aviation. It flies up to 4 passengers per trip to more than 150 airports in SA, at R18 per kilometre.

They are doing 40 hours weekly," he captioned the post.


LINK: https://briefly.co.za/19501-meet-thokozani-miya-founder-1st-black-owned-taxi-service-sky.html#19501

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