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Turning the tide on corporate waste management


A new organisation has set out to turn the tide on corporate waste management and create jobs in the process.

5Inc, a new sister company to Economic Development Solutions (EDS) Holdings, specialises in project implementation in the areas of Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) and corporate waste reengineering.

The company was borne out of EDS’s own need for waste management that can assist with job creation in communities with staggering unemployment rates.


In addition to servicing EDS Holdings and the company will also offer its services, include B-BBEE and environmental awareness training, as well as Small Micro Medium Enterprise (SMME) support and advisory services to beneficiaries of Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) initiatives, to other customers.

The business is also set to have a strong focus on waste management, particularly the repurposing – or upcycling – of certain types of waste. As a result, 5inc will also offer waste repurpose training for socio economic development beneficiaries, carbon tax analysis and carbon offsets facilitation.

Cutting corporate waste

Yasmine Miemiec, Executive Director at 5Inc, notes that corporate enterprises produce masses of waste on a daily basis.

“Most of this ends up in landfills, adding to the carbon problem we face on a global scale, polluting the environment and negatively impacting the lives of communities who live close to these landfills.

“However, much of the waste that these organisations produce can be re-used elsewhere. This generates new products and revenue streams, and most importantly, increases job opportunities within these communities.”

5Inc has already been involved in several key projects since its inception in March this year, including the likes of creating laptop bags from discarded vinyl banners, succulent planters using cut wine bottles, and coasters using old map books and wood off-cuts.

Eradicating needless waste

Miemiec adds, “We have also run a business development program for township-based SMMEs as well as B-BBEE and climate awareness training courses for corporate clients.

“Our target market is diverse; however, we all aim to achieve the same objectives, namely:

eradication of needless waste, upliftment of disadvantaged and impoverished communities and the creation of much needed jobs through innovative thinking.”



Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER

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