LETTER: We need good journalism

BUSINESS DAY /19 DECEMBER 6.34 /Dr Lucas Ntyintyana

The closure of Ndalo Media is a blow to transformation of the sector


My heart goes out to the founders of Ndalo Media and its employees. It is hard to accept it will be closed due to financial difficulties. I loved and supported the brand from inception. Every time I bought a copy of one of its publications it was my humble contribution to a black dream.

SA can only be free if black people play a leading role in changing the sociopolitical narrative. We must write our own stories. Ndalo media led by example.

It takes boldness to start a business in this country. I salute Khanyi Dhlomo for believing in her dreams and being willing to make them happen. She is an inspiration to many across the country,

but she has paid dearly. I hope she does not consider this a failure, merely a setback. She must come back stronger.

We need media moguls like Dhlomo to change the media space. I am still crying for The Weekender to return. It was a brilliant newspaper that closed prematurely. Peter Bruce, when are you resuscitating The Weekender? Good journalism is not a luxury but a necessity.

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