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Foreign govts’ warnings welcomed – Sakeliga


Organisation says other countries clearly remain deeply concerned about SA as an investment destination

Sakeliga welcomes foreign governments’ warnings on corruption and BEE

The independent business organisation Sakeliga welcomes the memorandum on corruption, BEE and other threats to the rule of law and investment in South Africa reportedly sent to President Cyril Ramaphosa by leading countries. These countries include United States, United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

“Clearly foreign investors and governments of foremost countries remain deeply concerned about South Africa as an investment destination, despite the best assurances of President Ramaphosa. The willingness of these countries’ governments to apply pressure is encouraging,” says Piet le Roux, CEO of Sakeliga.

“Like local investors, their foreign counterparts are not buying the narrative that South Africa’s disturbing current trajectory is simply the result of nine unfortunate years and that a change in leadership of the ANC has turned the country around. We want to see actual progress on clamping down on corruption at the top, and in reversing government’s destructive overreach – with policies like BEE – into the economy,” continues Le Roux.

“Sakeliga will continue to work for a constitutional order and a free economy in South Africa, and we welcome all efforts by governments and investors both local and foreign to do the same,” Le Roux concludes.

*With more than 12 000 members from across all sectors of the economy, Sakeliga is one of the largest business organisations in South Africa.


LINK : https://www.politicsweb.co.za/politics/foreign-governments-warnings-welcomed--sakeliga

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