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IRR’s Cronje blasts Maimane for ‘cowardice’ over BEE model


The DA’s position on BEE did not move away from race-based redress, and is exactly like the ANC’s, Cronje said, accusing them of ‘thought-following’.

Institute of Race Relations CEO Frans Cronje accused Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane of “cowardice” after the party’s federal leadership decision on broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE).

SA Institute of Race Relations CEO Frans Cronje during an interview on October 8, 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Picture: Gallo Images / Foto24 / Denzil Maregele

Cronje’s bone of contention was that despite the decision to drop their B-BEEE model, their position on BEE did not move away from race-based redress.

Blasting the party for “anti-intellectualism” and political weakness over the weekend, Cronje decried the DA’s ANC-aligned position that race can be a proxy of disadvantage.

“The only difference, it appears, is the DA’s intent and application. The DA’s argument is that it is able to better implement the ANC’s model, more fairly and without bias.

“But as for the model itself, it is the ANC’s, down to the fine detail,” said Cronje. “Under Maimane, the DA has ceased to be a thought leader, it is now a thought follower.”

After a meeting at the weekend, the DA’s leadership announced its decision on broad-based BEE.

“We believe race is a proxy for disadvantage and an accurate reflection of who is still excluded from opportunity.

“The party has not decided to move away from race-based redress policies, but we reject the ANC’s version of redress which operates to enrich and re-enrich the connected elite.

“Our offer is truly broad-based in that it seeks to break down the wall between haves and have-nots.”

In February last year, Cronje noted, Maimane stated that South Africa needed to move away from race-based policies and towards policies that broke down the systems that led to corruption and poverty.

“He could not carry his party, win his own argument or stand up with any conviction for the principle he set out,” said Cronje.

“That is not leadership, it is cowardice.”



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