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MyElectionManifesto: Create jobs and start with the police

NEWS24 / 07 MARCH 2019 - 05.00 / JAMES OLIVER

Police and related security service personnel must be polygraphed annually. All of them from the top down. This will create jobs in HR and for polygraphers.

Scrap BEE. Seriously. If you want to create jobs, let the best person for the job take the job. BEE marginalises racial groups.

Create job share - person 1 works three days on and four days off, while 2 two works four days on and three days off, etc. It is the easiest way in the world to create employment and to get the country working 7 days a week. Simple.

Sort out petty stuff like litter - create litter police - this creates jobs.

Create tourist police - this creates jobs

Create taxi police - this creates jobs.

It is far easier than you think if you come up with simple solutions to problems. Politicians are too busy trying to be clever and thinking up grand and over complicated schemes.

I've kept it short to illustrate the point of simplicity. No point coming up with 10 good points if you can't get the first three points sorted out to start off with. This is a South African problem. Grand Plans, such as the National Development Plan - it never got off the ground as they could not get the first point in the plan sorted.


LINK : https://www.news24.com/MyNews24/myelectionmanifesto-create-jobs-and-start-with-the-police-20190307

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