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'How to build a city' series launch


Crispian Olver’s 2017 book “How to Steal a City” spurred much outrage and concern about alleged corruption taking place in the Nelson Mandela metro.

In contrast, the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber said it now wants to host a series of conversations that address how the city can be rebuilt and advocate for projects that encourage socio-economic progress.

The series, entitled How to Build a City, aim to spark much-needed collaboration between government, business, academia and civil society so issues that have hampered economic development and growth in the metro can be addressed, business chamber CEO Nomkhita Mona said.

The chamber will host Director of Business Development for Africa at Volkswagen, Serge Kamuhinda, at the Sun Boardwalk Hotel on Friday for the first conversation.

Kamuhinda also worked in various positions for the government of Rwanda.

“Through these events, we will welcome prominent speakers from different sectors and backgrounds to have frank discussions around the state of our metro, and how our joint efforts can turn the Bay into a thriving hub of opportunity.

"The event series will be starting this month and lasting until the end of the year, with different issues under the spotlight at each event.

"It is our hope that, like us, other stakeholders will join us in taking back our city and making a difference," Mona said.

Mona said the goals of the series included:

  • Creating an enabling environment for businesses and communities to thrive;

  • Restoring a sense of pride in the city;

  • Promoting economic growth, by attracting new and repeat investments into the city; and

  • Increasing the ease of doing business.

"In the end, the aim of the events is economic growth that will empower our citizens, through increased job opportunities and better livelihoods.

"As any development in the metro will affect them directly, we want these citizens to be actively involved in building a better city," she added

The first conversation is fully booked.



Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER

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