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Tech hub set to empower 50 women to grow their businesses

IOL - NEWS / 28 MARCH 2019 - 19:55 / STAFF WRITER

Cape Town – Fifty local female entrepreneurs will be equipped with skills to use technology to generate sustainable incomes for their businesses, while delivering a positive impact in their community, with the launch of the UK-South Africa (UK-SA) Tech Hub.

The online Future Females Business School Programme at Work in Progress, at the Woodstock Exchange, will use a number of skill -development seminars, helping the candidates develop ideas into fully fledged businesses.

The programme – in partnership with Future Females (a movement that exists to increase the number of female entrepreneurs) – features guest experts to cover critical personal development topics.

British High Commissioner to South Africa Nigel Casey said: “Earlier this year, we established the UK-South Africa Tech Hub to help deliver on our commitment to support inclusive growth in the technology sector in South Africa.

“The UK-SA Tech Hub is the first in a global network of international tech partnerships developed by the UK’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, to help build digital ecosystems that will facilitate sustainable economic growth.”

The programme will run for a duration of three months.

“We are very proud of the work that the UK-South Africa Tech Hub is doing to support gender inclusion and empower female entrepreneurs in the technology sector."



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