OPINION: DA has a balanced position on BEE


In his letter “DA in Two Minds on Race Issue” (April 1) on the DA’s BEE policy, Frans Cronje and the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) have tried to position themselves as the liberal mouthpiece for the country, a lofty goal for a think tank.

Cronje, who describes the DA policy as cowardly, with the DA changing its tune and flirting with racial nationalism, has failed to appreciate the DA’s firm stance on broad-based BEE.

DA supporters. Picture: ALON SKUY

We are not straddling the fence when it comes to our position; this country has a complex history and there are no simple solutions that can be discussed in an IRR boardroom that will fix this country’s future projection. One requires a balanced position to move this country forward.

The DA acknowledges there is a growing black middle class and thus race cannot be the only determinant for disadvantage going forward. The DA will look at other socioeconomic factors beyond race as a proxy. These factors should include household income and education.

The DA will look at simplifying the BEE scoring system and slanting it more towards real empowerment in terms of training and upskilling workers. At the same time, the DA will look at a bottom-up approach that will focus on education and skills, from a primary level to the tertiary level.

We will focus on rapidly increasing employment and equity schemes that can benefit hundreds of thousands and not a few individuals. We need to nurture, train and support individuals to start their own businesses.

In the end, the DA has achieved a balanced, resilient stance that will promote freedom and fairness and provide opportunities to all South Africans.

Solly Malatsi - DA national spokesperson


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