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Cape companies showcased at Brazilian security exhibition


Two emerging Western Cape export companies boasting 100% black ownership used the Latin American Defence and Security Exhibition (LAAD) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to showcase their range of products and services.

Bayside Marine, operating in the repair and maintenance of oil rig, vessel and boat services, and Lantern Engineering, a team of professionals from the local South African aerospace and defence industry, took part in the exhibition at the weekend.

Both companies have identified Brazil and access to various possible business opportunities in the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) member countries, as the driving force behind decisions to showcase their range of products and services at LAAD.

Bayside Marine director Timothy Jacobs outlined his company's line of services as comprising steel repairs, fabrication, hull repairs, structural and general repairs.

“We also provide mechanical services and have since resolved to also provide boat building as part of increasing our diverse services portfolio. Currently, we have two types of vessels that we built.

“The rigid inflatable boat: a small vessel able to reach high speeds and is targeted at law enforcement agencies to counter illegal activities such as human trafficking, drug trafficking and illegal fishing.

“The other, the workboat, is customised for anti-pollution measures and emergency measures like firefighting,” he said.

Jacobs singled out Brazil's coastline which needs protection as the ideal environment for the deployment of his range of boats.

He said Bayside Marine's boats could play an important role in securing Brazilian waters.

Head of technology and products at Lantern Engineering Chris Williams said their line of work was manufacturing radio data links that allow unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to be operated from long distances.

“Our speciality enables UAVs to be controlled from a ground station up to 100km to 200km away.

“The unique property of our radius is that high power and high bandwidth to enable for example high definition videos to be viewed from a hundred kilometres away.

“Our link allows the operator to step away from the visual line of sight and extend the range and use of the platform. In addition to the camera, the unique property of our product is that it is optimised for closing operation, for medium-range operation and for ultra-long range as well,” he said.

Williams added that the Brazil platform offered them great opportunities to showcase their products to the Americas and to the rest of the world.

The LAAD is a biennial event where Brazilian and international companies specialising in providing equipment, services and technology for armed forces, police services, special forces and corporate security managers showcase what is both new and existing in their product ranges.



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