WATCH: BEE puts off investors: Moeletsi Mbeki

ENCA / 08 APRIL 2019 - 13.01 / STAFF REPORTER

Johannesburg - Economist Moeletsi Mbeki says affirmative action is not promoting investment in South Africa.

Mbeki has written a research article, exploring the country's political economy over the past century.

Economist Moeletsi Mbeki

WATCH : https://youtu.be/K84XeYye6qE

Mbeki also offers some ideas on the way forward.

“BEE discourages investment. If I'm an investor overseas I have to seed 26% of my capital to a BEE partner. It's not a sustainable model. That's one of the causes of lack of investment in SA,” he said.


LINK : https://www.enca.com/business/bee-puts-investors-economist

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