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Eureka Movement founder Adriaan Nieuwoudt said black economic empowerment was implemented at the expense of white South Africans.

CAPE TOWN - The developer of a “whites only” community in the Northern Cape said South Africa had been on a skewed trajectory since democracy.

Garies farmer Adriaan Nieuwoudt founded Eureka, an enclave exclusively for white people in the Northern Cape. Picture: Kevin Brandt/EWN.

Garies farmer Adriaan Nieuwoudt said on Thursday he created Eureka - an enclave exclusively for white people – to protect his culture from extinction.

Residents claim white South Africans are being uprooted and driven from their country of birth.

Eureka Movement founder Nieuwoudt said black economic empowerment was implemented by the post-apartheid government at the expense of white South Africans.

“We are being forced from our native country, by acting racist against us and that’s my conclusion (sic). That’s why we’re building Eureka to stop this, we bought a piece of land with my own money, we’re not asking anything from anyone.”

The Kamiesberg Local Municipality has, however, been trying to halt the development and has already obtained an interdict pausing construction.

Nieuwoudt said members of the Eureka Movement were adamant they must be allowed to create a life. The settlement already has a shop and a small school open on the premises.

“We do not interfere with people’s religious or political beliefs but we do have a God-given conscience to see what is happening here.”

The community generates electricity from solar energy and desalination technology is used to provide drinking water.

Nieuwoudt said he would not be voting for a particular party but against the current government.

A small group of residents apparently concerned about safety showed up to interrogate EWN while reporting on the story.


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